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Litigation Support

Investigating parties to a dispute; obtaining or confirming facts alleged in a complaint; identifying, locating and interviewing reluctant witnesses; uncovering and documenting critical information during trial; determining the likelihood of collecting payment; fact gathering for arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Investigative Dynamics' ability to profile individuals and companies outside of depositions and document production, assists litigants in developing thorough pretrial and trial evidence. Attorneys engage IDI to help locate reluctant witnesses and to identify previously unknown ones. Our staff provides analyses of financial records and other discovery materials, as well as recommendations on follow-up document requests. Law firms retain IDI when they need precise financial information about a potential defendant to assess the likelihood of available assets necessary to collect a judgement.

In addition, litigating attorneys turn to Investigative Dynamics during cross-examination of adversary witnesses when accurate information is needed, frequently in a matter of hours. IDI also provides critical services in arbitration proceedings, which afford little opportunity for formal discovery.

Due Diligence

This includes comprehensive public records research on companies and their principals; in-depth personal profiles of investing parties; regulatory reviews of company practices prior to public offerings; assessments of an individual's or a company's reputation.

Investigative Dynamics conducts due diligence investigations in a cost-effective manner by maintaining the resources necessary to meet the frequent demands for its services. Investment bankers, corporations and venture capitalists, as well as private investors, rely on IDI to provide the essential background information and analyses from which they can fully evaluate new business relationships. Increasingly, IDIs' clients are seeking these new business relationships across international borders. Investigative Dynamics network of experienced, multilingual investigators, full time court researchers and information specialists use contacts worldwide to conduct efficient, thorough investigations of companies and their principals.

Private banking executives often retain IDI to inquire into the "bona fides" of potential new clients whose sources of wealth are not immediately ascertainable. Investigative Dynamics is particularly sensitive to issues relating to money laundering and organized crime affiliation.

Internal Corporate Investigations

Including investigations of fraud; employee embezzlement; anticompetitive practices; sexual harassment; theft of proprietary information; inventory losses; and prospective employees.

IDI is often retained to conduct investigations within a client's own company. Some of the services we provide to company owners include assessing allegations of embezzlement, fraud, theft of confidential proprietary information, conflict of interest, self-dealing and sexual harassment. Corporations also retain IDI to collect admissible evidence to defend themselves against allegations of anticompetitive trade practices or fraud. We are frequently consulted on matters involving international counterfeiting, gray-market activities, market intelligence and trademark infringement.

IDI has handled matters involving insider trading and other abuses of corporate information. It's efforts in these matters are primarily aimed at discovering the identities of those improperly using the information, their means of obtaining it and how corporate security can best be reinforced to prevent further leaks.

Insurance and Consumer Fraud

Including investigating allegations of fraud perpetuated by patients, hospitals, medical support service providers, as well as fraudulent Worker's Compensation claims and fraudulent accident claims.

Our ability to access data concerning an individual's prior claims assists insurance carriers in devising a defense against fraudulent claims. This is the first is a series of steps that would be taken to establish the background of a claimant to defuse potential actions. Further steps would include public records searches concerning the individual as a party to litigation in which fraud was alleged or suspected. Investigative Dynamics is frequently retained as soon as a claim is made or anticipated in order that we might participate in developing a strategy to thwart unwarranted settlements or judgements. Investigative Dynamics is often called upon for surveillance in these cases. IDI has state-of-the-art video equipment and well-seasoned surveillants who are proficient in obtaining the needed documentation that our clients demand.

Typically our clients in these cases are Insurance Carriers, self-insured entities, governmental agencies, physicians, surgeons, hospitals, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), attorneys and other investigators.

General Background Investigations

This includes verification of academic history, educational history, criminal history, professional licensing, previous employment and confirming other information provided by one individual to another.

Individuals from many walks of life who want to be assured that the individuals they are dealing with are truthful have retained investigative Dynamics. These clients include employers, fertility recipients, schools, attorneys and parents looking for a prospective nanny. Our clients find peace of mind knowing that the information that was provided to them is correct and truthful. All information is, as always, treated with the strictest confidentiality.

Locates & Missing Persons

Including witnesses, adoptees, birth parents, missing heirs, deadbeat parents and long lost relatives and friends.

Investigative Dynamics' vast resources worldwide enable us to locate the missing individual. Attorneys, other investigators and private individuals often call on us for this type of investigation. In keeping with professional work ethics and confidentiality, we understand that each case is unique. Some may need to be treated with more sensitivity, especially when locating birth parents or adoptees. Our experienced staff in this area has made for some very heart warming reunions.